This page is dedicated to CDs and DVDs I recorded. Further recordings and snippets may be found on this page with my sheet music.

Artwork / Design: Sarah Hartwig | My band Grenzbereiche’s first album was recorded in December 2010. It was released as the aptly named CD Grenzbereiche by schoener hören music the following spring. It features eight originals from the band, five of them were written by me. It is available as download as well as real CD in my own shop. Also available on iTunes, although if you’d like to support me directly my own shop is the best place. Otherwise iTunes will get a 30% cut …

A concert with the Uta Fricke Quartett at the Jazz-Club Hannover from April 2011 has been released on DVD.  You’ll find some samples on my video page. The DVD is available in my shop.

We recorded a radio broadcast as well as an album with the LaJJazzO Brandenburg (conducted by Jiggs Whigham) in Summer 2010. The CD is called #1 Ellington And More and features compositions and arrangements by Duke Ellington, Steve Gray, Jörg Achim Keller and a host of other beautiful writers. Unfortunately, it is not available online but sold at our concerts.

The S’coolmasters Bigband recorded an album called Once Again in 2009. However, this is also not available online but sold at our concerts.