Very early in my childhood I quit playing the piano, due to rather questionable piano pedagogics. However, after a few years (and come the teenage years) I started to discover this big black box again. What started out as some little classical melodies played by ear soon turned into a twelve bar phrase from "Rhapsody in Blue", practiced for four hours straight, for days on end. Soon I was banned from playing the piano. Most of the day, anyway. But it was too late: I had started to turn to music, jazz piano in particular. And I started to insist on those four hours.

I have been playing and writing jazz music ever since. I love playing in ever-searching bands like Grenzbereiche as well as bands with a more jazz-jazz approach like De|feat. Jonas Schoen! or Carla Bley Motion. I hope to combine both of these elements in my tunes and compositions. And I am very proud to be able to play them in a number of different bands and settings.